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Multi-page update and announcement
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Grazia on 1st Jan 2016, 1:20 PM

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Hey everyone. So I've uploaded all the pages I have left. Starting from now, things are going to be taking a turn.

First off, I'm in the process of moving my comics to my own website. It's just time I got off ComicFury. All the Ensanguine pages will be uploaded at ensanguine.gracemulk.com once I get the website up and running.

Secondly, "Ensanguine" is technically finished with this chapter, though the story itself is not. Since starting this comic, I've learned a lot about how to write a story and characters and, unfortunately, where I was originally planning to go with this comic is no longer where I want it to go. So I'm beginning an abridged version of the last half of the story called "Familiars", with the plot cut down to its most empirical elements. This means a lot of subplots and characters are going to be removed, which is why I have to separate it from the rest of Ensanguine. And by a lot I mean basically all of them apart from Guy, Sophie, Marcel, George, and Uglin, with everyone else being background characyers. I'm sorry if this is jarring to anyone, but it was the only way to salvage it. My heart just wasn't in this anymore and there needed to be a change.

Thirdly, there will likely not be any comic updates at all for a good while. Not only am I beginning work on this improved version of ESG, but I am also beginning another comic that I've been planning for a few years now that is taking priority. I'm in the process of scripting right now, which is sucking time away from actually physically working on comics. I don't imagine either of these projects will be off the ground before the summer.

The new website is here:

I will be providing news of updates on my twitter @mulpayme

Thanks for your patience through these past couple of months and thank you for sticking with me all this time. I really do think this change is imperative and I hope you'll keep up with my new projects.


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ChilPhil on 1st Jan 2016, 2:00 PM

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Thanks for sharing your comic with us and keeping us informed on what is going on. Best wishes on your future endeavors.